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DNA amplification and cloning techniques play a significant role to current molecular biology research. It used in a wide range of experiments such as genotyping, DNA engineering, gene expression analysis, and so forth. PROtech offers a series high quality product to help you achieve your ultimate research goal in a fast, convenient and reliable way. 

SuperRun PCR Mix & RT-PCR Mix are based on reliable ProTaq DNA Polymerase which has been marketed for more than 10 years. Sensitivity of this Taq is tested to amplify DNA as low as 1pg. (Tested by successfully amplified 1kb fragment from lambda DNA) SuperRun PCR Mix & RT-PCR Mix are high performance products with excellent features: ready-to-use, aliquoted into different PCR consumables (0.2ml tubes, 8-strip tubes and 96-well plates) and lyophilized to make them more stable during storage and shipping.


Category Product Name Catolog # Package Price
DNA Polymerase
ProTaq Plus DNA Polymerase PT-526 500 U  
PT-526-2U 500 U at 2 U/µl  
HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase PT-GL-HTAQ  250 U  
Pfu DNA Polymerase PT-GL-PFU 250 U  
Super-Run Taq DNA Polymerase PT-T535 250 U  
KlenTaq DNA Polymerase PT-GL-KTAQ 250 U  
Prozyme II Tbr DNA Polymerase PT-GL-TBR 250 U  
PCR Master Mix

Fast-Run Taq 5x Master Kit PT-TMM528 200 tests  
Fast-Run Taq 5x Master Kit with dye PT-TMM528-D 200 tests  
Fast-Run Taq 2X master Mix PT-TMM228 2.5 ml  
Fast-Run Taq 5x Master Kit with dye PT-TMM228-D 2.5 ml  
Fast-Run Advanced Taq Master Mix PT-TMM-AD 100 tests  
SuperRun PCR Mix PT-TMM-RTU 96 rxns  
SuperRun 8-Strip PCR Mix PT-TMM-8RTU 8-strip x 12  
Fast-Run HotStart PCR Mix PT-945 100 rxns  
RT-PCR Master Mix Super 2 RT-PCR Kit PT-RP200 50 tests  
SuperRun RT-PCR Kit PT-RP100 96 rxns  
SuperRun 8-Strip RT-PCR Kit PT-8RP100 8-strip x 12  
Fast-Run HotStart RT-PCR Mix PT-935 50 rxns  
Real-Time PCR Master Mix SQ Green Master Mix with dUTP & ROX PT-GL-SQGR-V2 1 ml x 5  
SQ Green Master Mix with dUTP & Low ROX PT-GL-SQGLR-V2 1 ml x 5  
SQ Green Master Mix with dUTP PT-GL-SQG-V2 1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
1 ml x 5  
dNTP dATP PT-SB23A 400 µl at 100 mM  
dTTP PT-SB23T 400 µl at 100 mM  
dGTP PT-SB23G 400 µl at 100 mM  
dCTP PT-SB23C 400 µl at 100 mM  
dNTP Set PT-SB23 400 µl at 100 mM
of each dNTP
dNTP Mix PT-8010 1 ml at 10 mM  
PT-8014 1 ml at 2.5 mM  
Primer M13 Forward Primer PT-N520-02 2 µg  
M13 Reverse Primer PT-N530-02 2 µg  
Oligo dT Primer PT-N420-01 25 µg  
Random Primer PT-N410-01 25 µg  
SP6 Promoter Primer PT-69349-1 2 µg  
T7 Promoter Primer PT-69348-1 2 µg  
T3 Promoter Primer PT-69343-1 2 µg  




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