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Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis is a technique PROtech supports with makers, gel buffers, staining kits. The protein marker is supplied in a ready-to-use format, eliminating pre-mix with loading dye. The gel buffers help you preparing the polyacrylamide gels quickly. To detect the protein after electrophoresis, two different kinds of kit, based on coomassie blue stain and sliver stain, are available to fit your research requirements.


Caterogy Product Name Catalog # Packag Price
Protein Marker Protein Marker, Middle Range PT-PM01 500 µl  
Prestained Protein Marker, Middle PT-PS01 500 µl  
Dual Color Prestained Protein Marker PT-PS02 500 µl  
Protein Gel Buffer 4X Upper Gel Buffer (1.5 M) PT-4X-UP-500ML 500 ml  
PT-4X-UP-1L 1000 ml  
4X Lower Gel Buffer (1.5 M) PT-4X-LOW-500ML 500 ml  
PT-4X-LOW-1L 1000 ml  
Protein Stain FastBlue Gel Staining Reagent PT-P575 500 ml  
Silver Stain Kit PT-SSK20 20 tests  
Accessory 4X Protein Loading Buffer PT-PRO4XDYE 1 ml  


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